S. Branch’s Den Revamp

S. Branch’s Den Revamp

Decided to re-vamp the old den with some vintage equipment and new. Looks good, but the sounds is lackluster (although adequate). Let me explain.

Yes, the Sansui SP-2500 speakers are not my favorite but after softening the woofer vinyl surrounds with carefully selected hydrocarbons I was able to elicit a decent sound.

The JVC CD player has a good 18-bit DAC that is still well-regarded today. The Onkyo T-15 tuner was a freebie I picked years ago and has been a steady workhorse on several setups in the past. Even the Philips GA-312 has been a wonderful find and all powered by a Monster electrical conditioner.

So what’s the problem? It’s the NAD C316BEE amplifier that I picked a few years to act as a backup when I needed to take a vintage receiver or amplifier for testing from time to time. The amplifier just doesn’t produce that sweet sound found is so many older brands and models including NAD.

Although this setup works for now, it won’t be around much longer.