40 Years of Listening Pleasure Began in England

40 Years of Listening Pleasure Began in England

I began putting together this fine audio system while in the USAF and stationed in England during 1981-84.

My first component, which became the cornerstone of this setup, was a Kenwood 9G receiver. I
chose it because of its great sound and its amazingly versatile preamp section, which today easily handles the many components I’ve added around it. With 2 phono inputs, I’ve been able to enjoy my Kenwood KD4100R direct drive turntable also bought new in ’82, to which I added a Shure Type V15 cartridge.

Thinking ahead, I purchased additional stylus replacements to last me my lifetime. The second phono input is now being used by my newest component, the Mag_Lev turntable you see
pictured to the right of the stereo rack. The design of this turntable s nothing short of incredible as it uses magnetic levitation to precisely control the speed of rotation and height of the platter in mid-air, thereby taking any noise which could be present in the plinth, is the direct drive motor or power supply, and rumble out of the equation. It utilizes an Ortofon cartridge and truly sounds amazing.

To house the additional components, and have something large enough to accommodate my receiver, I customized a television stand which was also offered by Kenwood at the time. In it, I put a dbx 3BX Series Two signal processor, which separates bass, treble, and midrange frequencies for a realistic dynamic playback experience.

The Kenwood GE1000 is a fine EQ unit, that also provides two additional tape inputs to be realized, as well as a time delay function I’ve found useful for added depth during
the playback of some musical selections. There’s a 5-disc CD player in the middle, and above that, I’ve added an elan VIA dj-xll digital music receiver.

At the very bottom, I have storage for my cassette tape collection, which I can play through the Teac AD 850, which also allows me to play CDs, and record any cassette/CD, or line-in media to a thumb drive for remixing on my computer or another device. The Teac X1000R was also purchased while in England and is only 2 years newer than the receiver and other Kenwood components.

All my music is played back through two pairs of Bose 601 speakers, and
I chose them above anything and every other speaker I listened to, including one’s offered by JBL, Klipsch, Cerwin Vega, Infinity, and others. To hear this system’s flawless handling of every type of music which I’ve played through it during the 40+ years that I’ve had the pleasure of owning such a system, would indeed surprise and impress every skeptic, and ‘high-end’ audiophile who I’m certain would come away with a new insight on just how lifelike and real something can sound when care is given to the selection of components that will work best together as a whole. I have been completely satisfied with this system in every way during my lifetime, and have had NO issues with broken knobs, hum, noise, or failures of any kind, and this system gets constant use!

The only thing that I did have to do, is re-cone my speakers, and I bought the kits online, learned what needed to be done, and replaced the foam surrounds myself. That was over 10 years ago, and everything still sounds perfect! I have no doubt that ‘Ken’ will continue to function well and provide great listening pleasure to my family for years to come.

Peter J. Martens