Author: Shannon Smith

Joe Rodriguez’s 1980s System

I bought my first stereo back in 1984 and still have it-PROJECT/one AMPLIFIER MARK XX PIONEER RG DYNAMIC PROCESSER PROJECT/one GRAPHIC EQUALIZER MARK 150 and of course 1989-Red Oak Klipschorns. I only look for PROJECT/one pieces and I’m always searching. I have searched endlessly about who really built PROJECT/one products. Heard a few things but…

Charles Hardy’s Man Cave

Charles Hardy’s Man Cave

Scenes from the Man Cave:I have my late father’s 1958 JBL Barons (a single D130 in each) and 1965 Dual 1019 turntable.Originally these were connected to a Scott 222b amp, Bogen tuner, and Fisher multiplex adaptor. Those disappeared while I was in the Navy; I now have a Scott 340b receiver, which was recently recapped…

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