Charles Hardy’s Man Cave

Charles Hardy’s Man Cave

Scenes from the Man Cave:
I have my late father’s 1958 JBL Barons (a single D130 in each) and 1965 Dual 1019 turntable.
Originally these were connected to a Scott 222b amp, Bogen tuner, and Fisher multiplex adaptor.

Those disappeared while I was in the Navy; I now have a Scott 340b receiver, which was recently recapped and got new Tung-Sol output tubes and a new power supply. My Dad seemed to lose interest in this stuff, and let my brother and me use it from 1974 on when we were in high school. It outclassed the average high school kid’s setup.

Sitting on the JBLs are New Large Advents which I bought in 1978 at Hi-Fi-Fo-Fum, a shop that had locations in St. Louis and Milwaukee. I have an Advent 300 receiver but recently swapped that out for a Sony STR-GX80ES. The Advent woofers appreciate the extra power.

A memory with this system: The very day that “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was released, my late Uncle Mike bought a copy and–saying that my Dad had a better system than anyone else he knew–brought it over. We loved it; my Dad–an opera buff–did not.

I also have a pair of Allison Sixes driven by an Onkyo TX-8050 networked receiver, although of late I have been using an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot for streaming rather than the receiver’s own connection. I have a few records on Ikea Kallax shelves as well.

Happy listening, everyone!