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Contact Us | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a list of Skylabs’ current inventory?

Sorry, there is not. A lot of items get sold within a day or before they hit the sales floor. Keeping an updated list would just be too tedious. If you would like to email us with a model you are looking for or a price range, we can let you know what’s in stock.

Does Skylabs ship vintage systems and their components?

No, we do not sell online or ship vintage systems, speakers, receivers, etc., and we do not accept repairs that are shipped in. We are a local, Des Moines shop and accept only walk-in business for vintage systems sales and repairs at our shop in West Des Moines’ Valley Junction. We added an online shop to this website and are able to ship smaller items such as record cleaner kits, turntable platter mats, Skylabs wearable gear, and smaller non-vintage items.

Does Skylabs do house calls?

Unfortunately, no. There is no such thing as a “quick, easy fix” with vintage electronics.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring my equipment in?

No. As long as it is something we repair, you can bring it in any of our open hours. If you are unsure if we repair your equipment, please email us and include the model number.

How much will it cost to fix my “_____”?

Honestly, we don’t know. A lot of times we have to fix issues as they show up. For example, a mechanic doesn’t know if a transmission is not working or if the engine won’t run. With a receiver, our technician will start with power and go forward from there.

Does Skylabs repair anything vintage electronics related?

We do not work on players for the following formats: Quadraphonic, Record Changers, Reel to Reel, CD, DVD, 8-Track, VHS, Cassette, or Laserdisc.

We do not work on furniture-style stereos, surround-sound receivers, headphones, PA equipment, kitchen radios, Bose wave radios, clock radios, HAM radios, powered sub-woofers, CB radios, car stereos, hair dryers, massage chairs, toasters, or plasma orbs.

As a general rule, we do not work on any stereo receivers or amplifiers manufactured after 1980.

We do not repair Crosley, Jensen, Victrola, Ion, Pyle turntables, or Bang and Olufsen.

Before sending us a message, please read the above FAQ. The answer to your question is likely there.