Daryl Gregg is Bitten by the Vintage Bug

Daryl Gregg is Bitten by the Vintage Bug
Sansui 7070 | ADS L810 | Custom Stands to ADS F800 spec | Technics SL1200 MK2 w/ Ortofon
2M red | Airport Express
Sony STR-6060FW | Canton Karat 100 | Airport Express

Got into audio as a young kid, Progressed into car audio, and then into home theater. Back then way before I could drive it was always hand-me-downs (I’m 43 ).

Once I got older and had a decent job I really wanted to try and find the receiver that I had as a kid ( Realistic STA-85 – I found one )Then I found my first real speakers ( Realistic Nova 8’s ). Learned all about these speakers and how they poached a guy from KLH ( I have a whole story on this ). I recapped these, Re-doped the cloth surrounds, and treated the wood. This was great for a while but now the bug had bit and I found myself all over AudioKarma, Marketplace, Craigslist. Wanting to learn more like how to re-foam, How to re-cap, how to troubleshoot, what tools to buy and what gear I could upgrade to next.

This has been a hell of a hobby and I get so much joy trying new gear for myself as well as fixing it and putting it back into service for someone else to enjoy for years to come. Some gear I sell after I freshen it up and some I keep for my personal collection.

Here are some pics of my current 2 rigs I use for mostly streaming and vinyl playback as well as the extra units in my collection that I’ve repaired or just made fully functional and don’t care to sell.

None of these have been recapped yet but have had the following done – Full Cleaning, all pots, Warm LED’s to preserve the original look, New Mica Insulators, fresh thermal grease on the outputs, Bias & Offset set where applicable, parts replaced to make them look as new as I can within reason.

Can’t wait to fully recap one of them!

Not in use currently ( love to swap gear out )

  • Pioneer SX-650 w/ real wood veneer
  • Pioneer SX-770 ( love this low watt great sounding cap coupled unit )
  • Realistic STA-85
  • Marantz 2235
  • Sony PS-454 ( budget turntable )
  • in storage Adcom GTP-450 / GFA5300 ( pre/pro )
  • in storage Canton Fonum 200 (bookshelves)
  • in storage Design Acoustics PS-9’s

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story and keep up the great content!