Harold Lester’s Living Room and Office Systems

Harold Lester’s Living Room and Office Systems

My love for stereos started with my Dad’s system when I was about 10. I came home from school and in the living room he was setting up a Rotel RT-1024 Tuner and a Rotel RA-1412 amplifier!! From then on I was hooked on 2 channel stereo. Later in life, I became an installer of Home Theater and Automation (HAI) and kind of forgot how good 2 channel sounds until 2016 I started to get that feeling I was ready to get back in. Since that, I’ve purchased many different receivers and amps and this is where I’m at currently in my Living Room. Probably will change but at the moment I am happy with the sound.

Thanks for looking and I hope you’re enjoying your vintage audio as much as me. Also thanks to Skylab for the great videos.

Harold’s Living Room

Harold’s Office

This is my office setup. I’m using a Marantz 1070 and a Marantz 140 amplifier pushing my Yamaha NS-690s, What a great sound. I built this cabinet during the beginning of Covid out of boredom. It came out great for what I needed which was a place to store some older Vinyl that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. I didn’t at the time of making this cabinet think I would like the NOW PLAYING/FAVORITES BIN at the top right but I really do use it. On the top left is one of my favorite turntables The Pioneer PL-41. I really do enjoy this little setup. I never set out to put this system together it just got pieced together little by little. Thanks, Skylabs!

Marantz hi-fi receiver