Isaac’s Goodwill Setup

Isaac’s Goodwill Setup

This is my goodwill setup. Everything was found and acquired at a local goodwill.

The Nakamichi RX-202 was the first find and what started the system. When I saw that on the shelf I knew I had to make a system out of it. I love the look of it and it records tapes like nobody’s business.

Soon afterward found a Pioneer SA-510 integrated amp. It’s small but sounds clean and I love the meters. The same day I found the JBL 2500s. Again, small but provide good detail.

The Kenwood KT-57 tuner is cheap but I like presets and it’s really user-friendly.

I had an Onkyo turntable from goodwill for a while but when I found the Garrard I had to buy it. It’s actually a pretty good turntable. I switched the Shure cartridge out for a Pickering XSV-3000 I had. Sounds really good and not at all fatiguing.

Next is a Sansui Model 3000 receiver. Has good power and still sounds good for an old receiver. I love the look. Matched it to some Klipsch KG4s I found for $30! Had to reform one woofer but they have held up great. Have really good bass, unlike other Klipsch I’ve had.

That’s it!