John M’s Incredible Setup

John M’s Incredible Setup

Head end Allen & Heath Xone 92 analog DJ mixer

TAD TSM-300 Studio Monitor powered by Willsenson R8 w/ EL34P
KRK V88 monitors w/ ESS AMT Hi Freq drivers, Bi amp tube amps, Dr. Bag custom PP amp and
Decware SEUFO84/ with copper caps upgrade fed by Douk Direct Heated 2J27S Vacuum Tube Preamp Class A Stereo Audio Pre-Amplifier

DBX 234 electronic crossover

Lii Silver 10″ powered by Douk KT88

Douk B300 mono blocks tube amps >>> ESS AMT 3 rock monitors fed by Ampapa A1 Mini 5654
Vacuum Tube Preamp

Crown K2 amp >>> SDX12 and Dual APR12 subwoofer enhanced by DBX 510 subsonic synth

Bob Carver Sunfire subwoofer
Denon & Tascam CD players

Dragonfly RED DAC