Kenneth Givens System Passes the W.A.F.

Kenneth Givens System Passes the W.A.F.


Marantz 2238b
Marantz sr5010
Marantz UD5007
Teac A 4010 S
2 AudioLinear ALQ-240 EQ’s
2 Monster Power HTS3500 mkII’s
2 Yaqin SD-CD3 Tube Buffers
1 Yaqin MS-23b Tube Phono Stage
2 NAD 2100 50watt Amplifiers


Marantz 6100 TT
Marantz 2230
Marantz 5020
Teac A 4010 SL
SPEAKERS (2238b)
(A) Bozak b402
Argosy Spire 420i Studio Stands
(B) Pioneer CS7 Omnidirectional
(A) KLH Model 17
(B) KLH Model 17


Polk RT800i
Polk CS400i

Not pictured

Polk FX500i
2 Polk PSW108 Subwoofers

Monoprice speaker cables & interconnects

I drive Charter buses OTR. It’s taken years to accumulate all the pieces and even then I didn’t have the vision to bring it all together until I got hit with a dose of WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). She said, “If it’s not actively being used, it has to go!!” It took me 2 months to come up with this setup and another 9 to finish.

Then there’s the acoustic tiles. It’s not an anechoic chamber, but I didn’t miss by much. This is in my man cave which sits directly under the living room. If I’m listening or watching television, it’s disturbing her watching television so she helped with the tiles. The area directly behind
the photo however is the laundry, restroom, and the basement exit door so tiles on three sides and the ceiling. As long as I listen at reasonable levels she’s fine AND she sometimes enjoys listening with me (usually when we’re knocking an item off the Honey Do List). I nailed the speaker separation though.

When I have guests over, they are floored, not by how loud it gets, it can do loud, but by the detailed sound. I play their favorite songs and they say it’s like hearing them again for the first time because they’re hearing what they’ve missed. Well, that’s it for this stack. I have another that’s a power stack – NAD 7140 receiver and NAD 2200 Amplifier that I’ll feature in another post.

Happy Listening!!!