Markus’ Incredible Gotland Island Find

Markus’ Incredible Gotland Island Find

Hello there!
Big fan of your YouTube channel and really enjoy your take on “vintage audio” My name is Markus and I live in Sweden and it just so happened that during our vacation in 2022 to what is called “The Limestone Hawaii” (which is an island named Gotland out the east coast of Sweden) I went to a yard sale on a farm. And what I found in the old stable you won’t believe!

The owner had some years prior bought a lot of stuff from a HiFi/Moped store (yes an odd
combination when you think about it) and among all that these Pioneer HPM100 speakers.
One is the clear acrylic one that can be seen in the wild from time to time but man! The cut-through!?

I did also buy a lot of original Pioneer product sheets from the same guy and on the HPM100 sheet there it was!

Having owned these for a while now I start to wonder: Could this cut-through be the only one that survived??

What is really sick is that except for the midrange driver, it actually works!

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for a great channel and share the story.
All the best,