Receiver - Amplifier Repair

Whether your beloved receiver needs a cleaning or a full restoration, Skylabs has you covered.

Our technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to bring your equipment back to its original glory!


Speaker Repair

Have a pair of vintage speakers that just don't sound like they used to? We repair rotted foam surrounds and replace crossover capacitors!


Turntable Repair

Skylabs can handle anything from a 1960's record changer to a simple belt replacement or cartridge alignment.

We also have hundreds of Hi-Fi console styluses in stock!



Repair Pricing

Amplifier and Turntable

Diagnostic fee is $50. Once our technicians have found the issues, we will call you with a repair quote. The $50 diagnostic fee will be applied to the repair cost.

Speaker Re-foam

$40 per speaker 7" or smaller 

$60 per speaker 8" to 15"


Hi-Fi Console Repair

A console repair includes the following services:

Console amplifier -

Replace electrolytic and wax capacitors,
lamps and power cord

Clean all contacts and switches with contact cleaner

Clean faceplate and knobs

Console Speakers - 

Replace any faulty wiring and connectors

Replace all capacitors in the crossover network

Turntable - 

Disassemble unit and soak all moving parts in solvent overnight

Reassemble and lubricate

Replace stylus

Average console repair is $500. 

Bluetooth upgrade- $100 to $150 depending on the console.


Please read through the information on our FAQ page regarding Hi-Fi consoles and call or email us to schedule a drop off date.


Contact us with any vintage audio items or vinyl you are interested in selling.


Sorry, we do not purchase surround-sound receivers or DVD, VCR, CD or 8-track players.