Rich DeGreg’s Everyday System

Rich DeGreg’s Everyday System

Receiver is a Harman Kardon 430 Twin Powered (1975), turntable is a Pioneer PL12D (1974) with a solid walnut plinth, speakers are JBL L36’s (1976) with the old school burnt orange grill fabric.

The equipment sits on a vintage early 1900’s wash stand cabinet, it had a back plate that I made into the frame around the receiver that supports the turntable. This is my everyday system and all the work was done by me as I restore vintage audio as a hobby. I have had many configurations of receivers/speakers before I settled on this. The sound of the HK430 paired with the JBL L36’s is absolutely incredible.

I do have to give an honorable mention to the Sherwood S-7100A (1970) receiver, if you are looking for a GREAT little receiver, pick one up, you will be very surprised by the sound of this underpowered beauty.

Many thanks to Skylabs Audio for the YouTube videos, they have been an inspiration.