Ryan’s Wall of Sound Powered by Pioneer

Ryan’s Wall of Sound Powered by Pioneer

I wanted something substantial to fill the wall of my home office and complement the silverface Pioneer system I’ve collected over 15 years.

The speaker collection started with a pair of Pioneer CS-63dx I got for free from a friend who also built this office. When I decided to build what I call “The Monster”, I was inspired by the walls built by BoomCase. The same friend provided 2 sets of Cerwin-Vegas that got refoamed.

The Pioneer SX-750, SX-780, and SA-6500II have bad channels and are just for
show, but they do light up.

The Fishers, New Large Advents, Technics, and JBLs were scrounged over several months from Craigslist. Some were literally in a barn. Currently, the large CVs and Advents are connected, running off a hard-working SX-750’s A channel and EQ’d by an SG-9500 with a set of Pioneer
CS-33’s for the B rear channel. Front speakers can be switched through a Niles Audio SPS-1.

The room is only 15×9 feet with 3 brick walls and a hickory floor, so it gets loud quick. Soundstage? Imaging? Uh, probably not, but my friends like how it sounds.

Other audio sources routed through the 750:
TV and desktop computer
Pioneer PL-117d turntable
Pioneer CT-F9191 cassette
Pioneer RT-707 reel to reel

The RTR and EQ have their optional solid wood cases, probably the hardest items to source.