S. Branch’s 1960s System

S. Branch’s 1960s System

This is a small dining room that I converted to a den a few years ago. I always wanted a recreated 60s system (with two exceptions) and I finally achieved it.

First on the list is the Pioneer PL-41 from the late 60s that I have brought back to life three times and, as Kevin would attest, this turntable is well worth it and built like a tank.

The amplifier is a tube H.H. Scott Stereomaster from 1962 being protected by a Monster Power HTS 3500 mk II electrical conditioner.

The tuner is the Scott 350B tube companion to the amplifier. Below are my exceptions: the JVC CLV211 CD player (I have a few of them) which I picked up for the 18-bit DAC. Then there is a Luxman K-110W dual cassette deck which sounds not too shabby at all. It was one I got a sweet deal online.

The speakers are early 1960s Utah HS-2AX which I can hardly find anything about but they are
reportedly a three-way speaker suspension system which someday I have to crack open and examine. For now, they are busy recreating a sound from my youth.

Oh, and the whole shebang is guarded by Robot B-9 from the original Lost in Space TV series.
Thanks to Kevin for his videos which, for me, keep this hobby alive, and another special shoutout to both Al from MIT and Paint Toad for all their encouragement. And again my wife, my love, who actually enjoys the fruits of the labors.