S Branch’s New Living Room Setup Inspired by Skylabs’ Videos

S Branch’s New Living Room Setup Inspired by Skylabs’ Videos

Taking inspiration from Skylabs YouTube videos (and with a little help from thrift stores), I have put together a great living room setup.

Sansui G3500 receiver
Nakamichi LX-3 cassette deck
Yamaha CDC-505 cd player
Panamax M5100EX power conditioner
Music Hall Classic turntable
KLH model 5 speakers

The sound is incredible and warm as only Sansui can make it. When I purchased it from a thrift store, no one else wanted it because the power cord was cut. When I opened it, it was obvious that mice had chewed the cord. All the fuses were blown, but it was very clean inside. Once I replaced the cord and fuses it powered right up and sounded perfect without the need to replace caps, etc.

The Nakamichi was purchased from an Audiokarma member who maintained it well with minor
blemishes externally.

The Yamaha cd player was another thrift store find. I don’t usually like disc changers, but the metal tray convinced me it was well-built and that was an accurate assessment.

The Panamax was purchased from a record store in Fargo, ND. It was used but recommended and it has served me well.

I love vintage turntables, but even though I love to work on them, I am not perfect. I finally gave up and bought this one because of its quality and looks. Skylabs will be getting a call soon to see if they would be interested in looking over an old Dual, Pioneer, and Kenwood.

The KLH speakers were bought from someone close to me in Indiana years ago. He had rebuilt the crossovers and all I did was refinish the cabinets. They continue to serve me well. (I still want JBLs, though.)

The electric “scat mat” is placed over the system every night for obvious reasons.