Steve B.’s Recent System Updates

Steve B.’s Recent System Updates

Some recent updates were made to my small bedroom setup which is CD-focused. To the
Harman/Kardon 330B an H/K EQ 8 was added which really has enhanced the sound quality in this small space.

The CD player is a Yamaha CDC-505, a Goodwill pickup, which needed no repair and only a little cleaning.

The speakers, also a Goodwill find, are Boston Acoustic CR-85s which should have had trouble producing sound from this 18 WPC into 8 ohms receiver with speaker manufacturer recommendation of a minimum of 20 watts, but the volume is barely turned up on the 330B and the room is filled with majestic music!

Kevin, when he talks about the H/K receivers is absolutely right that they sound like bigger units.

My thanks to Kevin and the legendary Paint Toad from Audiokarma for their help and guidance in this endeavor.