Steve Zeidman’s McIntosh & Sansui Systems

Steve Zeidman’s McIntosh & Sansui Systems

My setup is actually two vintage McIntosh systems in opposite corners of the room. In another room, I have a Sansui receiver and speakers.

System 1 – C31V preamp, MC2002 power amp (200 wpc), Geshelli J2 Dac, Denon CD, ADS L780

System 2 – C26 preamp, MC2155 Power amp (155 wpc), Denafrips Ares II Dac, Geshelli J2 Dac (that’s two), Fluance RT-85 TT with Ortofon 2M Blue, Brand new Emotiva B2+ speakers.

System 3 – Sansui 5000, Original Large Advent Speakers

No subwoofers so I’m kinda old school. I’d like to add I watch your [YouTube] channel with great interest.