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Skylabs will be closed October 7th thru the 10th 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.


Vintage Hi-Fi Wanted!

Skylabs is looking to re-stock the store! Do you have an old stereo or vinyl records in the basement collecting dust? If so, we want to buy them!

What we buy:

Receivers and Amplifiers - silver-faced units from Pioneer, Marantz, Sansui, Yamaha, Kenwood, Sony, McIntosh, Harman Kardon and many more. We buy receivers and amplifiers manufactured from the 1960s through 1980.

Turntables - Pioneer, Marantz, Sansui, Yamaha, Kenwood, Sony, Harman Kardon, Technics, Thorens and many more. We buy turntables from the 1960s through current.

Speakers -  Pioneer, JBL, Advent, Acoustic Research, Klipsch, Bose, ADS, Electro-Voice, Altec Lansing and many more. Manufacture dates from the 1960s through current.


Vinyl Records - Rock, pop, metal and blues from the 1960s through current.

What we don’t buy:

8-track players


CD players


The following manufacturers - Bang & Olufsen, Crosley, Victrola or ION

Receivers and amplifiers made after 1980

If you have items you would like to sell, please email us at with make, model, condition and asking price. Please email before bringing your items to the shop.




We are currently running a 2 month turn-around on Amplifier/Receiver repairs.

However, a simple service IE deep cleaning, cap replacement, lamp replacement, turntable repair, speaker refoam ect. is around two weeks.

Not sure if your amplifier/receiver is a repair or a simple service? Bring it in, it will take us 10 or 15 minutes to determine which is needed.

Please see our FAQ page to see if we repair your gear! Thank You!

Skylabs is now an official Uturn dealer!

Come in for a listen and see why we feel the Uturn Orbit turntable cannot be beat in its price range.

We currently have several Orbit Plus turntables in stock!



Skylabs is now an authorized Grado dealer!

We have several cartridges and headphones in stock.