Vintage Stereo Systems

The Midwest’s largest selection of vintage receivers, amplifiers, turntables, and speakers!

  • Skylabs Audio vintage stereo inventory wall.
  • Skylabs Audio vintage stereo inventory wall.
  • Skylabs Audio store interior in West Des Moines.

Skylabs Audio offers excellent turntables and speakers from Audio Technica, Edifier, and U-turn!

We are an Authorized U-turn dealer!

Proud Authorized
Grado dealer!

Made in New York since 1953!
We have several cartridges and headphones in stock!

New and used vinyl in
various genres by current and classic artists!

The Hi-Fi Fanatic

Featuring vintage and modern stereo systems curated by Hi-Fi enthusiasts from across the country.
Enjoy seeing what others have in their set-ups!

  • Daryl Gregg is Bitten by the Vintage Bug
    Got into audio as a young kid, Progressed into car audio, and then into home theater. Back then way before I could drive it was…
  • David Kornfeld Started with JBLs That Someone Threw Away
    Marantz 2325, Streaming Ifi Bluetooth Pioneer SX-1010, Marantz 6300 TT, Grado Gold cart, Schitt Mani Phono Pre. On both systems, I use a speaker select…
  • Dave Thompson’s Pioneer Stereo
    One of a few setups. All Pioneer except for speakers. Pioneer SA-9100 ampPioneer TX-9100 tunerPioneer PL-530 turntablePioneer CT-F8282 cassette deckPioneer Elite DV-47A transportJBL Lancer 77…
  • Joe Rodriguez’s 1980s System
    I bought my first stereo back in 1984 and still have it-PROJECT/one AMPLIFIER MARK XX PIONEER RG DYNAMIC PROCESSER PROJECT/one GRAPHIC EQUALIZER MARK 150 and…
  • Charles Hardy’s Man Cave
    Scenes from the Man Cave:I have my late father’s 1958 JBL Barons (a single D130 in each) and 1965 Dual 1019 turntable.Originally these were connected…
  • Jon Bubendorfer’s Marantz & Klipsch
    Marantz 120 Tuner stockMarantz 3300 refurbedMarantz 250 restored and updatedKlipsch KLF-20 modified

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