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The Hi-Fi Fanatic

Featuring vintage and modern stereo systems curated by Hi-Fi enthusiasts from across the country.
Enjoy seeing what others have in their set-ups!

  • Steve B.’s Recent System Updates
    Some recent updates were made to my small bedroom setup which is CD-focused. To theHarman/Kardon 330B an H/K EQ 8 was added which really has…
  • Clint B.’s Japanese Auction Site Finds
    This is my very first real setup. Before this, I had crappy computer speakers hooked to my TV. I pieced this together while stationed here…
  • Andrew W. Started in HiFi at 12
    At 12 I got a Philips GA 212 for Christmas and bought a Phillips 3861 to drive the GA212 then an equalizer and larger speakers…
  • Blade S.’s Shop Setup
    This is my Shop setup where I spend 12 to 14 hours a day since I retired. Pioneer SX-1080, Pioneer RT-707, Pioneer RT-1020L, Pioneer CT-F850,…
  • Nathan J.’s Marantz-Based System
    Marantz 2270, technics mk 1200, Vandersteen 1c’s, and a Rythmik L12 sub The centerpiece of the system is the Marantz 2270 paired with a classic…
  • Shawn O.’s Pioneer System
    Pioneer SX-1250 receiverPioneer PL-A30 turntablePioneer CT-W880 cassette deckCerwin Vega AT-15 speakersAltec Lansing 501 speakers.

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